The situation is getting better and better in shanghai now, some factories get the license to resume to work. At present, all colleagues in our company still work at home.

Warehouse for export cargo:
Warehouse in Shanghai operate as normal, but many truck companies didn’t want to deliver to Shanghai due to the situation. In order to solve this problem, we set up the warehouse service in below cities around Shanghai.

NanJing; SuZhou; NanTong; TaiCang; JiaXing

Supplier truckers first send cargo to above warehouses, then truck companies in Shanghai pick up the cargo from above warehouses to consolidation warehouse in Shanghai.

Warehouse for import cargo:
Hs Cargo & Divine-Phoenix, These two custom warehouse get the license to resume back to work ; Brilliance Cargo is sstill pending. The speed of Devanning & collect shipments is slower compared to the normal situation, because only part of the workers and the truckers are allowed to resume to work.

About Ningbo, all is open and normal now, only warehouse is still very congestion. It will take much time to deliver the goods to warehouse. Picking up service (EXW) where the pick up address is out of Ningbo city still pending.

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